Top 8 Attractive Ethnic wear for mens in 2020

”Attractive Ethic wear for mens”

Top 8 Attractive Ethnic wear for mens in 2020

Hello! welcome back to the new post. Today we will discuss on Top 8 Attractive Ethnic Wear for mens in 2020.

When it comes to apparels for men, it has always been limited & there was no room for experimentation for a long time but this scenario is not anymore!!

Now more significance being given to men’s Apparel (clothing) also, that the reason for emergence of new designs & trends continuously.

lets start it with a meaning of Ethnic,  because  some may not know the meaning of it. Ethnic wear is basically the traditional wear which are weared by the people’s on any functions, festivals or religious events.

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

Ethnic wear are most used by Indian cultures as they follow their tradition, so traditional wear comes in action with some modifications to live with this modern era.

One thing which will never go off is an Indian Ethnic wear's charm which is unmatchable.

People thinks only western dress have variety of choices but NOT,  Even in Indian also you get varieties of choices bcoz every state has their own culture, tradition & dress code which is really fastinating.

Women choices for ethnic clothing seems never ending ( from ghagras … to… sarees). Its not the same for men.

Thats why I am writing Ethnic wears topic in 2 parts :

“Part 1 : Top 8 attractive ethnic wear for mens 2020

Part 2 : Top 8 attractive ethnic wear for womens 2020″

So below are the Ethnic wear for mens guide & up to date latest happenings in the men’s clothing world.

Thinking to look simple yet elegant also??

Indian ethnic wear for mens are there for you in which you can showcase Indian Ethnicity in a subtle yet distinct way.

1. Jodhpuri Suits :Attractive ethnic wear for mens

‏The Jodhpuri Suits are attractive & beautiful due to tangled (complex) embroidery and very rich colors. Anyone wearing Jodhpuri suits gives them a regal (impressive) look.

They are most commonly wored and are perfect for all type of occasions that you may call for a traditional look.

Undoubtedly this Rajasthani dress is the grandest of all the other apparel available for Ethnic wear for mens’.

2. Indo-Western Way :

Attractive ethnic wear for mene
Looking for something quirkier than regular traditional clothes??

Indo-Western wear is just perfect or you can say appropriate for you, if you want to feel like best of both worlds ( Indian clothing & Western clothing into one). These kurtas are fusion of both of them.

It has beautiful designs of Indian clothes with comfort of western clothes. They are generally worn as jackets as are usually short length.

Grooms prefer to wear this type of apparel due to attractive & comfortable.

3. Pastel Color Kurta :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

Searching for something that catches people’s eye??

Make it clear one thing that basic colors have long ago gone out of fashion. Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow can make a kurta look great but trying pastel colors kurtas can simply overpower all other colors.

Normally  most of the people wear regular colors, You wear pastel colors kurta &  grab create a perfect opportunity to stand out in a room.

4.Achkan :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

Achkan is a famous piece of clothing frequently put on (donned) by Grooms & Groomsmen. So anyone of you reading this post, if have a family wedding try this as it is Grand & perfect for events like weddings.

It is mixture of Indian & Persian clothing Styles.

5.White Bottom :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

We mentioned White Bottom in our Top 8 Attractive ethic wear for mens is the simple reason that in huge spectrums of colors, one thing that gets along with almost everything is White.

There’s a famous saying that You can never go wrong with White bottoms. White is trendy color for almost all age groups.

You can try this white bottoms with any bright colors (red, yellow, etc) or Dull ones (grey, cream), its perfect match up.

“Choose White whenever in Doubt”

6.Ethnic Prints :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

This Season Men’s kurta with a traditional print is in trend(Vogue). A simple bottom or you can try white bottom with printed kurta is comfortable for day to day activities or for any traditional functions.

If you want some out of the box, yet sophisticated then this attire is perfect for a break from the regular daily outfits.

7.Silk Jacquard Kurta :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

In Indian traditional clothing for men Churidar Kurtas are an inevitable part of it.

One of the most rich looking dress for men is Silk Jacquard Kurta. You are definitely behind the game, If you don’t own one of these.

The thing which instantly hit the people is its smooth texture & pleasant colors. If you feels the kurta is too simple, rock the look by simply pairing it with a printed overcoat.

8. Dhoti :

attractive ethic wear for mens

In the ethnic clothing history of India, Dhotis have played a very integral part.

In this modern era generally Dhoti are weared with a waistcoats to make it look stylish & little modern. You can choose the Waistcoat you want to wear to be plain or printed both suits very well with Dhoti or chudidars.

One can say the perfect look for weddings & festivals is wearing a contrasting waistcoat with dhoti.

This concludes our mentioned above Top 8 Attractive Ethnic wear for mens. Other than this we are adding few more ethnic wear  for mens which are also liked & loved by peoples. Here are they….,

  •  Dupatta :

attractive ethnic wear for mens

Many a times the overall look of a dress looks boring if you wear traditional clothes frequently & you may have experienced also. You can overcome this problem by pairing it with a Brighter Dupatta to mark the difference.

Good thing about dupattas !.. They look good over Chudidars, dhotis & pyjamas as well.

Make the outfit look striking to the eyes by just wearing a different color dupatta with a bright outfit.

  •  Punjabi Suit :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

You may have notice many a times peoples wearing Punjabi suit  have their look very appealing.

This suit looks casual yet has a certain edge to it. Perfect for your regular use & adds a bit of fashion into your daily life. Pairing it with correct footwear makes it even more better.

  • Painted Motifs :

Attractive ethnic wear for mens

If you want that your clothing looks absolutely individualistic…. Try Painted motifs.

These are hand painted kurtas  & have unique designs. Good thing is the designs are not repeated & hence everytime the kurta gets a distinguished look that are unlike anything else.

Here we end our Top 8 attractive Ethnic wear for mens in 2020 & in the next post will write on its part 2, ethnic wear for women’s so subscribe yourself to get the update.

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